The Myths About Rebirth


The word myth means something that is not true about something. Romans 1:17-18 see also Romans 1:25.

You only know what you know when the Holy Spirit comes.

Everybody at one point we all thought we know something better than ever only to realize that we needed to know what we thought we know. 2 Corinthians 4:4-5

This verse is very powerful because it reveals the source of ignorance in the lives of the unbelievers and that is Satan.

The reason why they cannot receive the Holy Spirit is because their minds are blinded so they can not see but in the real sense they think they see and know.

Religiosity is not a rebirth

There are many people who think they are born again even in the church but they are not yet born again. They are just religious people, they carry their Bible, they wear a church unform, they sing, they pray not according to the Spirit but according to the their minds.

They think they know God but not. They don’t have a personal relationship, they go to church sit, pray sing dance, jump, watch others but without a purpose, they don’t know why they go to church. They think church is one of the events that happens once a week. Jesus said Mark 7:6-7 see also Mark 7:8

They are faut finders; they will ask you why are you holding the Bible on the left? Now what about those with only a left hand? Shouldn't they hold and read? They will ask you why are you wearing a jean in church, this is what Jesus said they teach the tradition of men as the commandments, for example you don’t wear Canvas at church. John 4:24

These are tradition of men, not of God, they think holiness is in the suit they wear. Some when they are at church you don’t smile, because there is God, they think when they smile then they have sinned. So they need a serious face always, then they are holy. They think this is what gives eternal life.

Criticism as a source of discernment

•Criticism is not spirituality or Christianity but devils footnote to bring the bring the kingdom citizens down.

•Criticism is not discernment but prejudice.

When the religious people begins to criticize they think they are establish God’s but they are just religious, they don’t know the ways of God, they deny the Spirit God and His power, they always say that's a lie, they always criticize the move of God, Some they don’t believe in miracles, when they see a pastor praying for the sick

Their response be “these people are faking it, they paid that one to attract people”. These kind of people they think they know when they don't know anything, they always make a conclusion over their illusions.

Ignorance the worst thing ever.

Romans 10: 1-2 also Romans 10:3

Paul prays for the Jews, to be saved, what?? But these are the people who knew God law right? Some they use to teach the law yet they were ignorant of the truth about God. The worst thing you could ever have in your life is not poverty but ignorance. Ignorant people may be staving with hunger not knowing there is food where they are.

This scripture so is amazing because it reveals that the Jews had a zeal to serve God but not according to knowledge. Isn’t that awesome to be so zealous for God? It awesome right? It reminds me when I was 9-10 years old.

My grand father use to sew bags for selling and I use to see him making bags, but i didn't know how to do it. I don't remember asking Him how do you do that?? I was always quiet about it but I was so zealous about it to make one by myself.

One day early in the morning, he went to have his breakfast in the house and told me to watch over the machine but he didn't ask me to help him, so I waited until he went in the house.

Remember I had no knowledge of sewing right?? And I was never in the school of designing and tailoring. I then started sewing a bag, the moment I was done, the other handle was upside down and the other one upright. He then came and I wanted to run because I made a mistake, but he said come don’t run, let me teach you, am glad that you have a zeal to sew but you just don’t know how to do it, then I learnt how to sew and started doing it better than he was.

Same applies to the Jews, they loved to serve God but they were not yet saved Remember when you are not served you don’t receive anything from the Holy Spirit, because you walk according to the flesh. When you try to do what you don’t know you will always make mistakes, it is better to confess temptation rather than to confess sin.

The wise man said you only discover that a pig’s nose is not a socket when you are done putting. This is the most hardest thing for many people, it is better they die without knowing rather than to ask.

Never feel shy about what you don’t know, learn to ask rather than to show that you know when you don’t know, it more embarrassing. When you pretend to know something you will always come up with a wrong conclusion. The Jewish people thought whatever they were doing was right with God, they though they knew God’s ways, God’s truth but not.

The Jew they had a zeal to serve but no knowledge. They were ignorant of God’s righteousness and went about to establish their own righteousness.

Pay attention when you are ignorant, you will always introduce your own illusions over what is known to be truth and that is suppressing God truth for a in unrighteousness.

No one was born a force teacher, force prophet, force member, force pastor, they were all born well, they all started well but later on compromised the truth for a lie. Because they didn’t know how they can move in the power of God to draw multitudes they went to involves themselves into dubious works to attract many and to heal many.

They didn't ask God how to attain power, they just said God I need power, but they didn’t ask God what they need to do to walk in His power, they just asked to be given power. When they see they don’t walk in power, they establish their own ways to walk in power what is that?? Having a zeal without knowledge. We need to always pray Ephesians 1:17-18. Colossians 1:9-10

These two scripture are important because we need wisdom, what is wisdom? Know what to do. We need revelation, what is revelation? Knowing how to do it, Many people have a zeal to preach but they don’t know what to preach and how to preach so they frustrate people. Some have a zeal to sing, but they don’t know what to pray and how to pray? Some have a zeal to serve but they don’t know who to serve or which church to serve and how to serve, many people have a zeal to be be in a relationship, to start business, to start ministry, to start a company but they don’t know what to do and how to do it, so you think God will give you to drive a car when you don’t know what to do and how to drive?

In other ways they are ignorant of what they don’t know, this means they think they know God and His ways but they don’t, yesterday God said “you only know what you know when the Holy Spirit Comes. You see the absence of the Holy Spirit is the beginning of ignorance and absence of truth.

The worst thing that you can ever have on earth is not sickness but ignorance

The worst myth

❌Any one who is good or with a good heart is born again. This not true people think it means a person is born again. The truth is they are only having good morals but don’t have the Holy Spirit in them, in other ways they don’t have a right spirit in them.

Having a good heart does not mean you are born again, caring for your family does not mean you are born again, being born from a Christian family does not mean you are born again.

❌Having a Pastor in your- many people think because they having a Pastor in their family means they are born again, so they can live as they want to live, because someone is fulfilling their duty of salvation and so they don't have to be saved.

❌ Because the pastor in the family is holy so we are all holy and will get to heaven. Note this, having a Pastor in your family does not mean you are born again unless he leads you to Christ.

❌Having your mother or a father who is a pastor does not mean you are born again. When you ask many pastor’s children that “are you born again?” Though they are not, they will answer you my father is a pastor, what is that?? cutting the conversation of conversion.

❌ Born from a Christian family doesn’t make as born again, if we ask someone that are you a Christian? I believe they will say I was born from a Christian family. At one point that is what I use to think so too, I believe you didn't that too, the truth is that being born from or in a Christian family doesn't make us born again.

The Myths About Rebirth

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