Life in the spirit is essential to every created being, because we were all created in the three components of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Our spirit man is as the result of the fullness of the Godhead I mean the Trinity person of God, each one carries the deity, the nature, the character, the likeness and the spirit life of God.

Our real identity is not the soul nor the body but the spirit. Remember we are a spirit having a soul, living in the body.

Genesis 2:7 reveals the ultimate purpose of God wanting to Create the man of the dust of the ground called the body, above the purpose of cultivation.

Remember in the previous topic understanding the principle of God's Construction, you learnt that God formed ( the natural man of the dust of the ground, the dirty, dead being, the soil or the dust man) and breath (spirit) into His nostrils the breath (Spirit) of life (Zoe- the life of God) now here the breath which is the God kind of life, I mean it is the spirit life, why? Because God is Spirit John 4:24, His breath is spirit life, we are part of God’s breath because we are God’s spirit life that entered the dirty formed man to construct the soul and man become the living soul, living soul mean hu +man being… which means a spirit man with or in a person dwelling in the dirty. The word human comes from the Latin root which can be separate into two which are Hu and man…

Hu- which is translated us Humus- meaning soil, Earth or dirty, when the bible is saying you are dust to dust you will return ( God is not talking or referring to your spirit or spirit man but to the man of the dust of the ground called humus).

The spirit man came from God and therefore the source of the spirit is God that’s why your and my spirit will return to God.

The word man is from the Latin word called man which is translated in Latin as Homo ( meaning man- spirit)

In the topic understanding the principle of God’s construction, you learnt that the breath was God’s spirit life entering man ( the dirty, dust), to CONSTRUCT THE SOUL in the Formed body, and man become ( it means was made a living soul)

When man the spirit was created did not have his own personality, his own preference, his own mind, will emotions but had the likeness and the image in Greek word means character, above all the word image is the exact expression, imprint but more in as a prototype, in other words man the spirit was neutral, the word neutral is commonly used to describe a person who doesn’t pick sides in disputes or people with no preferences.

The formation of the man of the dust of the ground which we now call the body was with a unique purpose to construct the soul which carried the three fundamental components of a distinct man. Psalm 8:4 reveals that man was different in the fullness of his person in the glory of God.

The breath as the construction of the soul through the spirit life.

The breath, the spirit life, was Zoe, the God kind of life, or the life of God, this shows that we don’t own the spirit life, we don't own our spirit man, but God owns it, we were created as a spirit man to manage it not to abuse it. That’s why when you die the spirit goes back to God, why because He is your source He owns you nobody else. In the breath affirmation we can see this equation;

Spirit man + Soulish

The spirit mans was neutral, had no mind, emotion and will, I can’t say that was controlled by any, something neutral doesn’t contributes not argue about anything, would take sides, didn’t know anything, not that He was blind, not that we was ignorant, it’s like a house built but doesn’t have rooftops or doesn’t have equipment or furniture such as chairs, table, bed etc. We can’t say its not a House because it has nothing but when a building as big speaker, a counter where they sell bear, people from every where come in to drink, party, smoke and dance, that is a club or a bar right, it has everything but not close to a house.

»In the same, you can only say is ignorant when he or she has a mind.

»You can say a person is emotional when they have emotions.

»You can only say  person is not decisive when they have a will.

But the case of the spirit man in Genesis 1:26-27 is a different case because man had no mind, emotion and will so, man was neutral. Man had no good thoughts or bad thoughts because man has no mind in this moment.

The Breathing affirmation

The breath was a spirit life in construction and the formation of the soul. In other words the breath affirmation carries the four contents which are:

1. The soul affirmation in construction and formation - God did not disapprove the Construction and formation of the soul, it was His idea to form man in his own image but with a distinct personality and his or her own preferences, in the same image and likeness yet with a separate mind emotion and will. It was not a link up but a completion of man as an outstanding individual.

2. The soul alignment or the alignment of the soul with the spirit man- the alignment was to make your soul fit the structure of your spirit man and that is why when you see something in the spirit your mind decodes that, your emotions feels something about it and you have your will to make decisions and that’s why it is aligned together.

3. The attachment of the spirit soul and body - God needed to attach your spirit with your soul, when you die its not only your spirit returning to God but your soul is tied to your spirit.

4. The production of the life in the body- when the soul was aligned and attached it your soul, there was the production of life that made you a being or living soul, and that is the blood. Leviticus 17:11, 14

Spirit man + Soulish

When you combine the spirit man and the soulical or sourish, we will have all together Spirit person, the person of the spirit and spiritual person. Remember man the spirit life or person was created neutral wouldn't think, wouldn’t walk, wouldn’t dream, wouldn’t pray, wouldn’t move,

The soul is what make you a person not a robot.

The Soulish is what makes you feel something.

The soulical is what helps think or remember because it is your person as a spirit.

The soulical is what makes you say I don’t like you, I don’t want you and I don’t want to go to church why because your Soulish has mind, emotion and will.

When a person insults you or push you what feels but is not your spirit but your soulical realm.

When you hear a sad or a happy news your soulical has a quick response to everything, the reason you are not encouraged to stay two people in with opposite sex in the room when not married it is because, the human soul or the Soulish realm of a person is so sensitive in the imagination, emotion and that can make have a wrong decision to commit the unspeakable fornication, and the moment you realized it’s done, please I encourage you not to do so, if you already did pray that it may not happen again until marriage.

The operation of the of the spirit+ soul+ body.

God speaks to your spirit, your spirit communicates to your soul and your soul to your body. God is in your spirit man, your spirit is closer to your soul and your soul is closer to your body.

Example the boiled egg has three parts

The shell, the white egg and the yoke, the shell is close to the white egg, the white egg is close to the yoke.

But the real egg where the chick is born, form or produced is not the white egg but the yoke. I believe who ever eat a yoke, eat full chicken unborn. The yoke is always at the center and that’s why your spirit is at the center surrounded by the soul and covered with the body.

The Soulish or soulical with its function

The functions of the soul

1. Mind

2. Emotion

3. Will

We are required to live a life in the spirit because God is Spirit and we are a spirit having a soul living in the body.


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